Craftsman Colorways can be ordered “as in nature” which is a pre-selected color placement to reflect the colors of plants and animals as they are found in nature. Leaves are green, branches are golden, cherries are red, etc. Each Colorway number reflects a corresponding background glaze color. The background glaze color affects the appearance of the hand painted detail colors, causing each colorway to have a distinctive appearance.  The number of the Colorway corresponds with the background color, for example: Colorway 25 (CW25) uses C25 as the background color.

You may also make changes to standard colorways and specify substitutions using any of the colors shown on the color charts below. Simply indicate the specific color placement on a copy of a line drawing. Due to their unique chemistries, different glaze groups (R, W, C) may not be combined in the hand painting process. Samples for approval are strongly recommended when ordering custom hand painted tile.



BBA Pinecone painted in standard Craftsman Colorway 72b (CW72b), as found in nature.


Specify custom color placement by using a line drawing and a craftsman colorway palette.


Custom CW72b with color substitutions.