Pratt and Larson has been making custom, handcrafted tile since 1982 in the heart of Portland Or. While trends in tile change with the times our path as a company has been defined by our desire to create a beautiful product and a sense of responsibility to our employees and our customers. We take great care of every project placed in our trust and we strongly believe in the importance of a supportive and engaging workplace. It takes a team of talented craftspeople to create your tile; we thought you might like to meet them.

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It all starts with Tile Making. Using 2 million pounds of clay a year, Dan & his team use the pug mill and extruders to form the long ribbons of clay that become our field tile and architectural trim.


Casting is responsible for our all of our pressed and cast decorative pieces. Brent and his team create the custom artwork and molds needed to form the wet clay into our relief designs and patterns.


When you place your order the Set Up team pulls all the parts and pieces needed and sends them on their way to be glazed.

1000x400 Glazemaking Chace


We offer hundreds of glazes as part of our standard line plus we can create custom colors as well. Glazes don’t show their true colors until they have been fired in our kilns so Chase and our Glazemaking team craft these colors using careful chemical formulations.


Applying our glazes takes a great amount of training and skill. Ryan and his team of sprayers make sure the orders are making their way through the factory on time and headed to the loaders. It’s their handiwork that creates the beautiful variation in our colors.

1000x400 spraying manager Ryan


Jennifer leads the team of artists who hand-paint our tile. They use several techniques like Polywash and Colorfill to add bold or subtle accent colors to our decorative pieces.


Eric and the Loading team oversee the firing process. They load each job into a kiln that has been specially programmed. Our tile is fired overnight at temperatures close to 2000 degrees. When the kilns are cool in the morning the loading team sends all the tile to the shipping department for quality control.


Amy oversees our Display and Netting departments. Our mosaic patterns can be arranged in endless color combinations and the netting department assembles the patterns to your specifications. The Display department builds the concept boards and tool boards that play such an important part of our presence in showrooms across the country.


The final stop is the Shipping department. Ramesh and the shipping team carefully look over your order to make sure each piece is right and that they all work together as a whole.


Delivering fantastic customer service is as important to us as delivering beautiful tile. Alisha, Bethany and Erin are here to answer your questions and track your order through the process. Taylor gets your order entered and on its way into production.


It takes a team to make our tile and that includes everyone in the offices as well as on the factory floor. From the VP of Marketing to Research and Development, the Accounting team to Human Resources, we couldn’t do it without them.


Pratt & Larson was founded in 1982 by a husband and wife team – Michael Pratt and Reta Larson. They focused their talents in pottery and textiles on creating a handcrafted tile that would reflect their own aesthetics along with the historic American Art Tile style. Their love of ceramics and their passion for art, design and color fueled their success and in the process they sparked the revival of the art tile movement in the United States.


In 2017 long time employees, Anthony and Belle bought the company. Our shared goal is to run this company in the spirit in which it was founded, with an eye to innovative, beautiful product and with the needs of our customers and employees at the forefront.