Join Our Team of Alchemists

We’re a team of dreamers, makers, and magicians on a mission of enrichment. At the heart of this mission is our shared passion for the art of tile – we’ve harnessed it to create an environment where creativity and community thrives.

From the studio to the showroom floor, we’re elevating the practice of tilemaking and bringing tile dreams to life. If you find value in the pursuit of this passion, you just might be one of us.


The Magic Lies in Our Approach

As a team, we’re captivated by the art and science of tile – and it shows. We pour our heart and soul into our craft, transforming earth into tile, glass into glaze, and ancient techniques into modern magic.

Our handcrafted tile is the result of a 12-step process and a team of alchemists who infuse a part of themselves into the work. With each set of hands our tile passes through, an element of artistry is added to the mix, culminating in a product that blends skill, creativity, and, yes, a little bit of magic.

See Our Process

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An Environment that Inspires

Our tile studio enriches our craft just as much as our team does. We’ve cultivated an environment that reflects the magical nature of our work. It’s a place where tilemakers can find flow in transforming ribbons of clay into unique shapes, and glazemakers can experiment to find just the right chemistry between the minerals in the clay and the temperature of the kiln.

As makers, there’s a certain amount of grit involved in the work we do. We enjoy getting our hands dirty and collaborating with fellow tile dreamers to explore new approaches to the craft. At Pratt + Larson, creativity flourishes because we take pride in what we do.

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Why it's great to work here

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Healthcare Benefits

Our work requires patience, focus, and physical well-being. We provide medical, dental, vision benefits that give our team peace of mind and empower them to be proactive with their health.

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Wellness Initiatives

Quality of life matters deeply to us. We offer a comprehensive employee assistance program that covers child and elder care, financial and legal services, and mental health counseling.

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401K + Profit Sharing

When we take ownership to make our company better, everyone benefits. We empower our team to craft a vision for their future through a 401(k) with employer match and profit-sharing.

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Vaccine Clinics

Because the work we do is so tactile, we don’t have the luxury of working remotely. We host regular vaccine clinics to ensure the health and safety of our entire team while working onsite.

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Cultivating Culture

We’re not just colleagues, we’re a community. We celebrate special achievements, host company lunches and social hours, and provide resources that enrich our team’s work experience.

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Community Service

We recognize the role we play in elevating our vibrant Portland community. As a team, we invest our time and money to amplify the mission of organizations we care about.

Why we love Pratt+Larson

Hear from Our Makers

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As makers, we all have this innate need inside of us to produce things. We’re always experimenting and pushing the boundaries to create something the customer will really love. It takes all of us collaborating and problem solving to make magic happen.”

Handpainting Supervisor
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The studio is a very creative environment where you can learn various elements of the tilemaking process. I’ve done some kilnwork and I’ve also learned some handpainting techniques that flow into my work. These are skills I wouldn’t have gained anywhere else.”

Tile Sprayer
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Pratt + Larson is a workplace that’s full of opportunity, even if you don’t have a lot of experience. It’s up to you as an individual to decide what you want to learn and how you want to grow here.”

Jesus Gutierrez-Solis
Maintenance Supervisor
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I really enjoy guiding customers through the showroom and telling them that our tile is made onsite. Behind the curtain there’s an entire team creating this beautiful tile, and by the time they receive it, it’s been shaped by so many hands.”

Showroom Assistant
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Enriching People, Planet, and Community

At Pratt + Larson, our commitment to the craft goes beyond the work we do. It shows up in how we engage different perspectives, pursue causes we care about, and act as responsible stewards of the environment.

A few of the things that stoke our fire:

  • Creating dynamic career paths for our team, so they can continue honing their craft
  • Enriching our art by welcoming tile dreamers with new ideas and diverse perspectives
  • Supporting our community through charitable donations, sponsorship, and direct partnership with local and national organizations
  • Lowering our environmental impact by reducing waste in all phases of our process

Learn more about our commitments.

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Are you one of us?