Answers to your frequently asked questions

Our handmade tile is the result of nearly a dozen different teams, each critical to the final product. Collaboration is in our DNA. This extends to our service of helping inspire designers, architects, contractors, developers and homeowners to offering recommendations on installation.

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Placing Your Order:

Contact us here and we’ll help you place your order!

We sell our tile exclusively through our national Dealer network.

Yes! if you have a project requiring large quantities or multiple locations please tell us about your project so we can evaluate the possibilities.

We can ship most international orders, depending on the destination. Your Dealer or Sales Person can help facilitate.

Specific tile samples for design exploration can be ordered through your local dealer.

Just want to get your eyes on a glaze color? 2×4″ color swatch samples are available for free at your nearest dealer or available for purchase on our website. Go to any Glaze product page and add to your cart by clicking the Get Color Sample button. For a flat shipping fee of $25, add up to 5 color samples.

We recommend ordering at least 15% overage for all orders to ensure you have enough tile to successfully complete your installation. Please double check quantities prior to ordering.

After an order has been confirmed and is in production, revisions and cancellations may not be accepted.

Returns cannot be accepted on made to order tile. Stock material returns are subject to a restocking fee and will not be accepted after 30 days.

Yes, we do custom work, depending on the project. Please contact a Pratt + Larson Dealer with custom inquiries.
Yes. If your (Dealer’s) warehouse is closed, we can ship direct. Please confirm that the site can receive a truck and move a palette if needed. We can help make arrangements for residential delivery with a lift gate. Our Customer Service Team is here to help you coordinate and troubleshoot. When your order is ready, we will contact you to confirm shipping instructions. Picking up from our Portland warehouse? Please call us at (503) 231-9464 ahead of time to schedule. Because of Covid, lead times may run longer than our usual 4- to 6-week period. If we run into delays, a member of our Customer Service or Sales Team will contact you.

Access to your showroom isn’t the only way to explore, ideate and realize your vision. Search product images and installation photos of our entire collection on our website. If you have a special need, call us at (503) 231-9464.

We will bring your vision to life via phone or Zoom call, make a sample, and email you a photo. We’re available to consult on your order, answer any questions, and send you images and pricing. We will ship those samples directly to your client.

Product questions:

  • Please refer to our glaze usage guidelines when ordering. Proper selection should be made according to intended use. As with all glazes, some wearing, scratching and crazing may occur over time, this is to be expected. The tile does not lose its integrity.
  • Our tile is not frost resistant and should not be installed outdoors in climates where temperatures fall below freezing and there are freeze-thaw cycles.
  • For detailed information on usage, download our Glaze Usage Guide.

The magic of handmade, ceramic tile is in its varied shades and sizes; every piece is different and color, surface and size variations should be embraced. Certain glazes have more variation than others so we have assigned V1-4 designations to help you to determine how much a glaze might range. The number lets you know the maximum variation a glaze might have but your order may be more consistent, if you are hoping for a specific look please discuss it with your salesperson.

CTDA Color Shade Variation Guide

ctda color shade variation b Pratt + Larson

  • V1: Minimal Variation. All of our tile has some variation, V1 glazes have small subtle differences from piece to piece so that even our white tile installations have a little magic!
  • V2: Some Variation. V2 glazes have a little more range from light to dark and some small, subtle shifts in color, adding a sense of depth and enriching the overall feel.
  • V3: Moderate Variation. V3 glazes range in both color and value. These glazes may shift from tile to tile with in a single job but will almost certainly be different from one order to the next making it extra important to avoid add-on orders.
  • V4: Substantial Variation. V4 glazes are exciting! They may have significant, sometimes dramatic differences from one tile to the next. These glazes are designed to have fluctuations in color and surface and may shift from glossy to matte on a single tile. Architectural Trim and relief pieces can emphasize the range on these glazes and we recommend looking at examples of these pieces to see how the glazes move. While we blend all of our tile as we pack, it is important to carefully layout your project to ensure a successful installation.

All sizes vary. Our handmade tile is by nature slightly irregular. Field tile is approximately 3/8” thick. Surface textures will vary from subtle to pronounced from tile to tile and from one order to the next.

  • In accordance with the TCNA guidelines, mosaic patterns 1×1 and larger are face mounted using a transparent adhesive film. 
  • Download tips for installing face taped mosaics here.
  • Download tips for installing paper mesh mounted mosaics here.
  • Depending on the glaze choice, mosaics may be installed in wet area applications, such as showers or submerged water applications.

The lead time for our made to order tile is 4-6 weeks. Custom or high volume projects may require additional time, the length of which will be determined upon receipt of your order.

  • Most of our products are Red List-free.
  • All of our glazes are 100% lead-free.
  • Electricity in our studio, Showroom and production process is generated from 100% clean wind renewable energy.
  • We use recycled and recyclable paper products for all of our packaging.
  • Our products may qualify for LEED credits in the Pacific Northwest within a 500-mile radius of our Portland, OR studio.
  • Read more here on our commitment to the environment.

Tips for installation:

The magic of handmade, ceramic tile is in its varied shades and sizes. Thoroughly inspect your order upon receiving. Any questions or concerns should be brought to our attention and resolved prior to installation. Installation constitutes acceptance.

We recommend wet cutting during the installation process. Do not dry cut using power tools during the installation process. Improper installation techniques could expose installer to harmful dust.

We recommend using sanded grout and installing with a 1/8”-3/16” grout joint. Craftsman, RC and Watercolor glazes should be sealed prior to grouting.

  • Due to the stony, textural surface of the Craftsman and Kat + Roger glazes, using a grout block is required to prevent hazing. We recommend using a thin coat of Old English Lemon Oil as a grout block prior to grouting. Excess oil is removed through the grouting process or with soap and water.
  • All Crackle glazes in the RC and W line should be sealed to prevent water penetration and tile discoloration. Seal all crackle glazes with penetrating silicone sealer before and after grouting.

Use a non-abrasive, non-acidic household cleaner. Do not use an abrasive scouring pad when cleaning tile. Please read cleaning product label to verify an acid free product. We recommend Soft Scrub with bleach.