What We Stand For

Purpose, People + the Environment

At Pratt + Larson, our commitment to the craft is only rivaled by our enrichment of the culture and stewardship of the environment. We’re purpose-driven, which means people come before profits, business is a force for good, and nurturing a clean, healthy, sustainable environment is non-negotiable.

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We welcome tile dreamers from all walks of life, of all cultures, abilities, race, religions, gender, and sexual orientation, and our workforce reflects it. Our understanding of Art is informed by our life experiences. Personal perspective is dynamic and changing, the more we interact with new ideas and different points of view the broader our understanding becomes. Having a diverse and inclusive work force enriches our team and our art.

Growth Paths

At Pratt + Larson, we create pathways for our team to continue honing their craft and developing as professionals. We offer long-term careers for our employees and are honored to work alongside teammates who have been here for decades.


We’re proud to be a part of a thriving community of artists, ceramicists, tile makers, designers, dealers, and installers. We are members of the following organizations: And as an extension of our gratitude, we have supported these additional organizations through charitable donations or sponsorships: We also support local partners and fellow small businesses wherever possible. Our clay is locally processed and delivered by Georgie’s Ceramic and Clay in Portland, and much of our glaze materials are sourced through F&M Ceramics in Pomona, California.

Human Rights

We take our responsibility as a community leader seriously, and try to use our voice for good wherever we can. Each month we make a donation or contribution to a different cause submitted by members of our team. Get to know some of the organizations we supported in 2020:
  • Black Artists and Designers Guild Education Fund “to combat the lack of representation of Black talent and culture in the design industry”.
  • The Black Resilience Fund “to foster healing and resilience in our community by providing immediate resources to Black Portlanders”.
  • Friendly House to “connect people of all ages and backgrounds through quality educational, recreational and other life-sustaining services”
  • p:ear to “build positive relationships with homeless youth through education, art and recreation”
  • Doernbecher Children’s Hospital “to ensure that the children of our region receive the best medical care available”
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Pratt + Larson is committed to sustainable practices in the manufacturing and shipping of our tile. Reducing our environmental impact is an ongoing process in our studio and we are continuously innovating and improving. We work to reduce waste in all phases of our business, from recycling clay scraps to capturing glaze overspray to reusing incoming packaging materials.

  • Our clay is delivered locally with minimal packaging.
  • We ship with recycled and recyclable packing materials, using paper stuffing and paper tape.
  • All of the electricity used in our process is generated from Clean Wind Renewable Energy.
  • All process water is carefully filtered before it leaves the building to protect our rivers.
  • Overruns and imperfect tile are sold locally in our Outlet.
  • We donate seconds to humanitarian building programs and for use in local school art programs.
  • Our installations look beautiful for decades reducing the need for replacement.


LEED and Material Transparency

  • Our products may qualify for LEED regional credits within 500 miles of Portland, Oregon, 97214 and LEED Low Emitting materials credits.
  • Ceramic tile has no Volatile Organic Compounds and is inert.
  • All of our tile is 100% Lead Free and many of our glazes are Red List Free, we are happy to provide detailed information on request.