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What we’re about

Our mission is enrichment.

Pratt + Larson is on a mission to enrich the lives of our team,
our partners, and our customers.

For our team, we create an environment of growth with opportunity to learn as they progress through the company. For our partners, we provide the language to express the imaginary. We help realize their visions for the projects they are passionate about. For our customers, we enrich their surroundings with beauty, transforming their rooms into environments of significance.

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who we are

We’re a team of alchemists at heart.

We transform earth into tile, glass into glaze, and environments into experiences.

At Pratt + Larson, we’re dedicated to the art and science of tile. Our methods are built on a rich history of experimentation and refinement, resulting in an unrivalled blend of timeless technique and cutting-edge design. Today, our team continues to elevate the practice of tilemaking into an art that is transformative, enriching and, yes, a little bit magical.

Here’s how we work.

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Our craft is built on the foundation of a thriving culture. We foster compassionate, inclusive, supportive relationships with our employees and with our dealers, designers, and customers. We’re in this together, and we value people first.

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Our story

Origins of Pratt + Larson

Pratt & Larson was founded in 1982 by husband and wife team Michael Pratt and Reta Larson. Reta’s passion for textiles and Michael’s sculptural talents are at the heart of our product line, and their commitment to artistry still informs many of our business practices today.

Many of our staff have been with us for decades – building the business on a passion for art, design, and color. In 2017, longtime team members Belle Iskowitz and Anthony Asch purchased the company from its original founders – eager to maintain and grow the Pratt + Larson spirit with a unique team culture and commitment to the craft of tilemaking.

Under their leadership, Pratt + Larson has expanded its decades-long reputation as a leading luxury tilemaker to include a number of new contemporary design approaches – blending ancient techniques with modern applications.

Today we are a growing team, deeply committed to each other and to elevating the ancient craft of tilemaking.

Join Our Team

Pratt + Larson is a team of dreamers, creators, and magicians. We pour our heart and soul into our work, and it shows. We’re always looking for passionate, imaginative people to join our team. We’ve built our company around the growth and engagement of people like you.

If that stokes your fire, learn more about our team.