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Painting Raised-Line Tile

Our Highline and Motif collections each feature raised linework, giving you the opportunity to pool glazes in each section using our ColorFill technique.

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Choose your own color combinations using our stunning color palettes. Select up to 5 colors from either the Gloss or Crackle palette. Let your creativity run wild! Our colorizer tool makes it easy to experiment and will help you visualize your project.

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Gloss Palette 2022 Pratt + Larson
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Curated Combinations

Our curated collection of colors offer sophisticated palettes that save you the step of pairing complementary colors. When placing your Highline or Motif order, please give your Dealer the ColorFill number.

Crackle Combinations
Gloss Combinations

Interested in applying this technique to your project? Contact a Dealer or Designer near you.