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Hand Painting

Painting Thematic Tile

Our glazes elegantly highlight surfaces and sculptural elements but when it comes to Thematic Tile, our Hand Painting options can add layers of artistry to your project. Choose from our two methods, As In Nature or Duochrome to bring these unique tiles to life.

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As In Nature

When you order Thematic Relief tile “As in Nature”, our artists will use our standard set of colors to reflect plants and animals the way they appear in the world around us. Prefer a granny smith apple over a red delicious? Let’s collaborate! Choose your background color from any of our light to midrange Watercolor glazes and select your colors from our 16 Flower palettes.

WW1 Palette
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WW7 Palette
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For a quieter look, Duochrome creates a sophisticated tone on tone option . Choose any light to midrange Watercolor glaze for your background and our artists will use a darker accent color along with white to create a rich two tone effect.

as in nature
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Interested in applying this technique to your project? Contact a Dealer or Designer near you.