Our ability to customize our tile products is almost infinite. The combination of glaze color and finish to match a customers need is unparalleled.


Pratt & Larson tile can be ordered in any of our over 300 standard glaze colors.  This extensive selection of colors and glazes sets us apart from any other handmade tile manufacturer.  We are constantly fulfilling custom color matching requests from designers and clients who seek to match specific colors that are within a palette they seek to create for their project. Custom color matching is an approximate art, exact matching is seldom possible. Send us a sample to match and we’ll create a color for you! Variations in color and shade may occur from tile to tile. This variation and range is a desirable characteristic and adds to the overall beauty of our handmade tile. Please refer to current color samples prior to placing your order.

There are two fundamental techniques we use to apply color to our tile. Monochrome – applying a single color to the tile and Polychrome – hand painting relief tile with multiple colors.  All of our tile is available as monochrome (single color) in any of our standard glaze colors.  Decorative and Bas Relief tile may also be ordered hand painted.

Our broad range of seven different glaze groups includes everything from transparent, brilliant, fluid gloss to solid, opaque mattes. Each glaze group has its own distinctive surface and finish. To discover more about our glaze types, click here.

Hand Painted Options (PolyChrome)
Polychrome is the hand-painting technique we use to bring two or more colors into our relief tile. The process gets its name from the combination of poly, meaning many, and chrome colors. To learn more about the polychrome technique and appearance, click here.

Michael Pratt on Pratt & Larson Glazes