Tile Dreams

Collaborating with Emily on her family home has exceeded our wildest tile dreams. Known for our ability to flex to many styles, the Pratt + Larson catalog was a deep resource for her throughout this project — a place where she could find bold colors and rich textures, all in unexpected shapes and sizes. In each room, Emily focused on a single color, artfully emphasizing the textures and subtle patterns of our handmade tile. We were proud to collaborate with her across three bathrooms, along with the mudroom, sunroom, and kitchen.
Big colors, simply executed.
Emily Henderson
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Enriching Spaces


Lined with windows and skylights that flood the room with natural light, the kitchen is truly the heart of this home. When it came to choosing a color for the kitchen tile, Emily had a vision… driven by her very own wardrobe. “I brought my favorite Levi’s jeans to create our own custom color for the backsplash,” she recalls. “But after looking at all of their colors, I realized they actually had one already.”

That color was M146 from our Matte line, which Emily used to wrap the walls and windows in a Portland Field 2×6 running bond pattern. The unique markings on the surface of our Portland Field celebrate the handmade character of our tile and pairs beautifully with the warm time worn finish of the vintage island.

While one of the best things about Pratt + Larson is their ability to color-match and create custom tile, they also have such a deep inventory of colors in different finishes that it’s not always necessary.”


The sunroom was a new addition, but you’d never know it: the design blends in classic architectural elements, while incorporating a bolder, energetic pattern that makes it perfect for entertaining.

Aesthetically, it’s the eccentric English grandma side of me who can get inspired here, write fun blog posts, then retire to her calm house and eat soup.”

To achieve the look and feel of an English conservatory, Emily adapted a Victorian era checkerboard pattern with a strong graphic sensibility — but swapped out the classic black and white for a rich custom blue C39 to create a real showstopper.

We added on this sunroom […] and at times I was worried that it wouldn’t be worth it. But every time I thought about the tile, I knew we had to do it. And I’m SO GLAD WE DID.”
Emily’s custom border echoes the larger checkerboard pattern while framing the room. Turning corners with a complex mosaic border takes a lot of thought and careful planning. Luckily, Emily had a great partner with the installation team at Level Plane Tile + Stone who were more than up to the challenge. In the end, it was worth the additional math, and the floor is the star of the room.


In the Pacific Northwest, mudrooms are essential — and this one was designed around utility, durability, and ease of cleaning. But in true Emily Henderson fashion, “In the name of not being boring, I still compromised here and there for beauty.”

And who says you have to choose between form and function? To allow for more traction, Emily customized our 2×8 field tile with the brick surface from our Brownstone series. And the herringbone pattern is set in from the walls with a matching border of Craftsman glaze C330 — adding an air of sophistication to an otherwise utilitarian space.

I chose a more textured tile, in a forgiving color, with forgiving grout and I’m VERY pleased with it.”

Kids' Bathroom

The playful kids’ bath showcases Emily’s unique talent for embracing shape and color. The field of white pickets brings a soft pattern to the walls, and the baseboard creates a whimsical transition to the herringbone floor.
I wanted to do something unexpected but not crazy busy, so I brought the floor tile up the wall, mixing the different shapes… It’s pretty fun, if you ask me.”
The white picket walls continue to the shower, where she incorporated a 1” hexagon in green for the shower floor. “Every time I walk upstairs and turn the corner, I get so excited. I LOVE how it turned out and so do the kids.”

Primary Bathroom

Our Portland field tile creates a quiet, traditional texture and pattern on the walls — and Emily created even more visual interest by using three different sizes (2×4, 2×6 and 2×8) in a random combination. The tiled arches over the mirrors are a spectacular custom detail, created on site by the installers. For the floor, Emily chose a 1×8 tile with a 2×8 border to create an elongated, textural herringbone pattern. Its rich blue Craftsman glaze C36 extends from the floor to the shower walls — immersing you in color.

Guest Bathroom

(Full reveal coming soon on Emily’s blog.)

The vision for this guest bath was similar to the other rooms: One high-impact color that we’ll never get sick of, but keep it simple and very high quality. We’d bring in more style and risk with the less permanent finishes and fixtures, but stay more classic with tile and plumbing.”

For the guest bath, we created a custom Craftsman glaze C44 for Emily, which she used to swath the whole room in “a deep mauve, rose-colored pink.” A delightful segue from the cozy, soft pinks of the guest bedroom, the bold color choice creates an impactful moment — highlighting the variations in glaze and surface.

Timeless design. Endless possibilities.

They are always so wonderful to work with and their product has endless options (as you have seen throughout our whole house).”

We were proud to be able to bring Emily’s vision to life through our deep catalog of colors, shapes, and textures. Our product offerings range from simple field to complex patterns, in any of our hundreds of glaze colors. Whether your style is Minimalist or Maximalist, Victorian, Mid-Century Modern or even (as Emily puts it) “Shaker Scandinavian Farmhouse”, Pratt + Larson can bring your tile dreams to life, too.

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Emily Henderson

Emily is a stylist, author, and TV host with a vintage-inspired approachable home style. Why does she love Pratt + Larson tile? “They are handmade in Portland by people who have worked there for 30 years because they love it so much, and they take so much care and create each tile with such artistry.”


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